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Exploring the Magic of Boothbay Harbor’s Windjammer Days.

Welcome to Boothbay Harbor, a picturesque coastal town in Maine that comes alive during the enchanting celebration known as Windjammer Days. This annual festival pays homage to the region’s rich maritime history, offering visitors a delightful experience filled with sailing spectacles, captivating events, and a warm sense of community. Join us as we dive into the charm and excitement of Windjammer Days in Boothbay Harbor.

Harbor Aglow

 The highlight of Windjammer Days is undoubtedly the boat parades. To kick off the first night of the week-long celebration Boothbay Harbor comes alive with a captivating display of lit-up and decorated boats, transforming the waterfront into a sparkling wonderland that illuminates the evening.

Decorated boat parade
Photo credits: Michael Leonard

Festivities Galore

Windjammer Days offers a plethora of festivities to keep everyone entertained the whole week. From live music performances by talented local artists and street performances, there’s always something happening around every corner. Stroll through Artist’s Alley where vendors showcase unique creations reflecting the coastal culture. Indulge in delicious cuisine, savoring the flavors of fresh seafood delicacies and classic Maine flare. The festival is a sensory delight!

Photo Credits: Christiana Mosca


The midweek fireworks display injects a burst of excitement and anticipation into the festival atmosphere. Locals and visitors gather along the waterfront while vibrant festivities pause for a magical interlude. The night sky becomes a stage, and with a dazzling burst, the fireworks ignite, painting the darkness with a stunning array of colors and patterns. 

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Vintage Boat Parade and Pier Party

When the festival reaches its peak, a procession of restored vintage boats glides through the harbor, showcasing their timeless elegance and classic craftsmanship. Spectators line the shores, filled with admiration for these beautiful vessels and the dedication of their owners. The parade creates a nostalgic ambiance, transporting onlookers to a bygone era of maritime splendor. Following the boat parade, the festivities continue at the Pier Party, where the vibrant energy of the crowd mingles with live music, delicious food, and laughter.

Vintage Boat Parade

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Until next year

As the final day of the Windjammer festival draws to a close, a bittersweet feeling fills the air. The memories created during this vibrant celebration will linger in the hearts of all who attended, weaving tales of maritime magic and community spirit. Until then, we bid farewell to this year’s festival with gratitude and with hearts brimming with anticipation for the next chapter of this beloved maritime tradition.