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Sip and Savor: 5 Coffee Spots in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Beyond the breathtaking vistas and charming streets of Boothbay Harbor, coffee enthusiasts will find a haven of flavorful delights. Tucked away amidst this coastal paradise are coffee spots that cater to the cravings of locals and visitors alike. Join us as we uncover the top five coffee spots in Boothbay Harbor, each offering a unique blend of aroma, taste, and ambiance.

1. Red Cup Coffeehouse: Where Warmth Meets Flavor

Address: 21 Granary Way, Boothbay Harbor

Red Cup Coffeehouse | Best Coffee In Boothbay Harbor | United States

Step into the inviting embrace of Red Cup Coffeehouse, a local gem renowned for its cozy atmosphere and exceptional coffee. As you arrive at the shop a rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee enchants you. The talented baristas here craft a range of coffee wonders, from classic espressos to velvety lattes. Pair your chosen brew with their delicious pastries for a taste of perfection.

Hot latte, scones and muffins

2. Brisetto’s: A Tribute to Tradition and Innovation

Address: 22 Commercial St, Boothbay Harbor

Brisetto’s Second Cup – Coffee Shop. Boothbay Harbor, ME (

Originating in Romania, Brisetto’s Coffee Corner began its journey in 2016. In 2019, Florin Iuga took the reins of the business and relocated it to Boothbay Harbor, Maine. With experiences gained in the United States, including roles at Linekin Bay Resort and Ports of Italy in Boothbay Harbor, Florin’s passion and expertise have converged. Teaming up with partner Garry Stewart, he introduces Boothbay Harbor to Brisetto’s Second Cup, a harmonious blend of Romanian heritage and American hospitality. Stop by and savor a cappuccino paired with a fresh scone! 

Latte with foam art and cookie

3. Mama D’s Cafe: A Haven of Coffee and Community

Address: 50 Union St, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

Home | mamadscafe

Nestled in the heart of Boothbay Harbor, Mama D’s Cafe beckons coffee enthusiasts to a haven of flavors and choices. With a commitment to quality, the café showcases the finest organic fair trade Wicked Joe’s Coffee, offering a diverse range of daily selections including the personalized Mama D’s house brew, robust French roast, and Decaf options. The self-serve “coffee & tea bar” invites customization while expert servers craft lattes and cappuccinos, elevating the coffee experience. Mama D’s Cafe promises not just coffee, but a journey through taste and artistry.

4. Woodsong Market: Fusion of Convenience and Craftsmanship

Address: 10 Boothbay House Hill Rd, Boothbay Harbor

Woodsong Market- Best Coffee Shop In Boothbay Harbor | Coffee Shop | 23 Townsend Avenue, Boothbay Harbor, ME, USA

Woodsong Market seamlessly melds the best of a market and a café. With a commitment to using organic and sustainable ingredients, the baristas conjure coffee magic. From the classic Americano to creatively flavored lattes, Woodsong Market caters to diverse palates, offering a spectrum of tastes to explore. Market owners: Emily and Nick enjoy featuring local foods and products to support the community and state that they are from and love.

Muffin and Latte's to go

5. Farm 23: Where Farm Fresh Meets Exquisite Brews

Address 102 Ocean Point Rd, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

Bakery | Farm 23 | United States (

Farm 32 is a treasure trove. They proudly serve freshly roasted Indigo Coffee Roasters coffees and hand-blended Beach House Teas. From artisanal espresso drinks to signature lattes and house-made Chai, Farm 32 caters to diverse preferences. Their early morning kitchen bustles with baking, offering a changing array of bread, pastries, and savory lunch options, all thoughtfully curated to match the seasons. The café’s cases feature a rotating selection of breakfast pastries, while the hot case offers convenient delights like stuffed croissants, quiche slices, and more. At Farm 32, each visit promises a harmonious blend of coffee and culinary craftsmanship.

Boothbay Harbor’s coffee scene is a reflection of its diversity and charm. Whether you seek the comforting ambiance of Red Cup Café or the inventive blends of Brisetto’s, each of the five coffee spots mentioned above has its distinct character. When you find yourself wandering the streets of this coastal haven, be sure to embark on a coffee tour and explore these top coffee spots. Your taste buds are in for an unforgettable experience.